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My name is Matilda Ferry-Swainson, but my pen-name is Westrina. I am fifteen years old, and live in the UK with my parents, two little sisters, and an enormous, hairy, very silly dog called Truffle.

I read veraciously, often to (nearly) the exclusion of all else (including schoolwork), much to the exasperation of my parents. My most important possessions are my pen and paper, and you'll often see my bedroom light on long into the small hours if I've got a brainwave about my latest story, or am at a particularly good bit of whatever book I'm reading. I use up pads of paper like a fiend, and I've lost count of the number of loose sheets of paper all over the house in my handwriting and headed with that dreaded title 'characters'... !

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Contact Me
I love hearing from fellow readers and writers, so please feel free to email me at: ramblings-of-a-teenage-novelist@hotmail.co.uk

I can also be found on Protagonize,Book Blogs, Greatreads and Shelfari. Of these, I am most active on Protagonize and Greatreads. Please feel free to befriend me on any/all of these!

Reviews Policy
Authors, publishers and agents: I would love to read your book! I am happy to accept proofs and pre-release editions of your book for review; take part in blog tours; host giveaways, author interviews, and guest posts.

Please email me at ramblings-of-a-teenage-novelist@hotmail.co.uk with a synopsis of the book.

My preferred genres: Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, (some) Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Chick Lit
Genres I Generally Don't Accept: Non-Fiction, Self-Published, Memoir, Biography

I do not accept e-books.

By accepting a review copy of your book, I guarantee that I will read at least some of it, although I do not guarantee that I will finish it. If I do finish it, I also guarantee that I will review it honestly on this site. I try to read books in as timely manner as possible, however, due to other commitments and reading interests, it may sometimes take longer than previously anticipated.

Ratings Policy
I always review the books I read as honestly as possible, trying to remain unbiased by popular opinion to the best of my abilities. However, all my reviews are my personal opinion only. I do not compare the books I read before rating them - my ratings are based entirely on my views immediately or soon after I finish the book.

* = I really didn't enjoy this book.
** = Okay, but pretty forgettable.
*** = Good, although it could've been better. I'm glad I read it.
**** = Very good. I would recommend it to others.
***** = Excellent! A real gem. I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it...

a bad-bad book = Really dire. Not written well, not interesting characters or storyline. Absolutely nothing to recommend itself.
a good-bad book = Pretty average, but a rather enjoyable read. Nothing very spectacular, but a good late at night comfort read.
a bad-good book = Should've been a good book but for some reason actually wasn't. Disappointing.
a good-good book = Exactly what it says on the tin! Everything I look for in a book (or most things, anyway). Interesting idea and plot, memorable characters. Really got me thinking. Something to re-read, definitely!

Adult Content Policy
When reviewing my books, I try to also provide an objective view on possible adult content in the novel. If it seems to me that the book would be rated 15 or above if it were a film, I place AC by the title of the post and any links to that post. I also mention in my reviews any possibly offensive or adult content, so that my readers can decide for themselves whether to read the book. This policy is also in effect where concerning my story excerpts and poems.

However, I am fairly open-minded and not religious, so what I might view as being 'adult content', you might not, and vice versa. I merely hope to provide basic guidelines.

All the books that I review are bought by me, borrowed from my local library, provided as review copies by the publisher or author, or from Red House Books, who publish many of my reviews in their catalogue or the eminent children's newspaper First News, their affiliate. All the stories, poems and plays posted on this blog are my own work, unless I specify otherwise.

All the work posted on this blog is my own, and you're all perfectly welcome to read it, share it, even perform it. Just please remember to state that it's the work of Matilda Ferry-Swainson. Please don't pass it off as your own, or use it commercially. If you do want to use it or share it for some reason, please email me at ramblings-of-a-teenage-novelist@hotmail.co.uk - I love to know who's using my stuff for what!!

read the printed word!

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