Short Stories
Letters to Davey - a girl tries to get over the end of her relationship AC
                  - Davey
                  - Falling Leaves
                  - Replay
                  - Missing You
                  - I'm Fine
                  - Fate
                  - Life
                  - If You Hadn't...
                  - I Wanted
                  - Apologise
                  - Davey

Robin Hood's Day Off - a ridiculous kiddy tale of the famous hero's attempts to have a day off... and the chaos that ensues!!
                  - One
                  - Two (tbp)
                  - Three (tbp)
                  - Four (tbp)
                  - Five (tbp)

Fairytale Trio - a comic retelling of the stories we know so well!
                 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
                 - Little Red Riding Hood & Hansel and Gretel
                 - Bluebeard & Rapunzel

Story Excerpts
Charlie Broker - a female cop with attitude

Coming Soon...
I Sit - a moral poem set in any big town or city
Disappear - a villainelle about loosing one's mind 

Current Works in Progress
The House of Make Believe - historical romance
It is 1910, and 19 year old Christina Wilkinson falls for the handsome, charismatic, no-good musician Archie Moore. Everything is perfect - until he leaves her for another woman. She thinks he's out of her life for ever, and marries her friend, Harry Robinson. But then Archie turns up again. And begs her to leave everything behind in the name of their love.

Now, nine years and a world war later, Christina looks back on the romance of her life, and the events that led her to make the hardest decision a woman ever can...

Elbow Grease - a Charlie Broker novel - thriller (with frequent comedy thrown in)
Charlie Broker - and yes, she's female - is an out of work mechanic, bored out of her mind, and trying to keep her wayward brother Rob out of trouble. Which is easier said than done. So when a car bomb goes off, and Rob is arrested, Charlie's out to clear his name - and her own, while she's at it. But as she gets deeper, she finds it's much more sinister than it at first appeared. With everyone lying to her, how can she trust anyone? And what is Rob Broker really up to... ?

The World that Came After - post-apocalyptic dystopia
Magdalen lives on an island, isolated from the rest of the world. All Magdalen knows about the world comes from stories about the Before told to her by Granpi. But she's got questions. Questions not even Granpi can answer. Why are the radio stations full of static? Why haven't they had word from the mainland for twenty years? Why is Facebook like a virtual graveyard?

Then, one day, Magdalen sets out to discover what lies beyond the horizon. And finds a whole world she never knew existed...

Works Still in the Planning Stage
Snakes and Ladders - moralish romance
Young, popular, pretty Cassie is taken from her city life and dumped in a country house with her aunt and wheelchair-bound Daniel. It's hell. But can she find happiness even here?

La Libératrice et Madame Guillotine - historical adventure
Made in Heaven - adventure
The Blind Fiddler - fantasy

AC = story contains adult content/themes
tbp = excerpt is coming soon, honest! 

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