Monday, June 6

Announcement: Upcoming Excitements

We've got lots of exciting things coming up over the next few weeks, so I thought I'd give you a heads up so you don't miss anything.

First up, we've got an exclusive author interview with Sarah Rees Brennan, author of her bestselling novel The Demon's Lexicon. Her latest book, The Demon's Surrender, which ends the trilogy that began with The Demon's Lexicon, will be released on 14 June.

Then we've got another exclusive author interview, this time with Seanan McGuire, also known as Mira Grant, author of the acclaimed novel Feed. Her latest book, Deadline, continuing the story that began in Feed, was released on 31 May.

We've also got reviews of The Demon's Lexicon, The Demon's Covenant, and The Demon's Surrender coming up soon, as well as a review of Deadline.  I will also be receiving review copies of Traitor's Blood, a British civil war novel by the up-and-coming historical author Michael Arnold; the bestselling comedy Penguins Stopped Play, by Harry Thompson; Sea of Poppies, a sweeping historical novel set around the opium wars by Amitav Ghosh; and Hand Me Down World by the acclaimed author Lloyd Jones.

That's it for now! Happy reading =]
~West x


Beth said...

New follower here saying hi and being utterly envious of how beautiful your blog looks! Great job!

Westrina said...

Howdy! Thanks, glad you like it =] I like the look of your mega-huge giveaway... ! Thanks for stopping by!
~West x

Matthew MacNish said...

Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I followed you back, and thought I should stop by to follow your blog as well. Nice ta meet ya!

Westrina said...

Well, thanks! Nice to meet you too =]
~West x

cleemckenzie said...

Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for the follow at the Write Game.

Lilly May said...

Hi West! I think it's about time that you changed the Upcoming Events! The author interviews are great by the way. Well done!


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