Monday, April 25

Well hello there!

Sit down, make yourself at home! Have a cookie. Or would you prefer a muffin? Or even both - go on. But mind the piles of books as you go in! And oh yes, the papers lying all over the place are the draft of my latest novel. Don't get any chocolate on them. Thanks =]

Well. I suppose I should introduce myself? (That was rhetorical, by the way.) I'm Westrina, a fifteen year old novelist hoping to one day get one of my (numerous) stories published. Or at least finished, would be nice.

I've been writing since for ever, which is a pretty long time. Stories are my bread and butter, so to speak. Just don't ask me one on sport!

I am also bonkers, which I think is a good thing, don't you? For example, take this blog - why am I making it? When I'm currently up to my ears in exams and trying to write about six novels. Fun fun fun!

Well anyway, here I am! Pleased to meet you. I'm going to stick a few of my scribblings up here, every now and again, but I'm not the most dedicated of bloggers, so please excuse me if I disappear off the face of the earth for a bit. I'll be back. Promise!

Happy writing =]
~West x


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