Sunday, May 29

Excerpt: Letters to Davey - I Wanted


We've got so many shared memories, you and I. Do you ever think of me, wherever you are? Do you remember?

I won't ever forget. I'm going to think and remember every day, even if it hurts. Even if it hurts to bad I want to turn away and forget, because there'll be less pain that way. I won't let myself.

I wanted to have kids as beautiful and clumsy and funny and sincere and downright sunny as you. I wanted to hold you when you were sad. I wanted to watch you telling bedtime stories to our children, putting on funny voices and tickling them when they got too noisy. I wanted to make you toast in the morning and complain about the mess of your hair. I wanted to watch you grow old, and tell you that you hadn't aged a bit. I wanted to be there for you.

I wanted to love you for ever.

And now I never will.


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