Monday, June 6

Excerpt: Letters to Davey - Apologise


Why do people drink and drive? When they know it's so dangerous. I don't get it.

And you didn't look like you got it when you smiled up at me from the road, your beautiful blood mingling with your scruffy hair I always pretended to hate. And I thought my heart would burst. I wanted you to get up and laugh. I wanted to be able to tell you I loved you again.

Why us? We were so happy. And I love you so much. Why is it always the happy ones?

It's the happy ones who have their lives fucked up.

The man apologised, you know. Not that it made any difference. It's funny how our parents make such a fuss of us saying that stupid, weak word when we're kids. They tell us that everything will be ok if we say it. But after that bastard mowed you down, after he said 'sorry', did you get up?

I just keep thinking that if you hadn't turned to tell me you loved me...

You died because you loved me.

Fuck, Davey.


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