Tuesday, May 3

Review: The Opposite of Amber (AC) by Gillian Philip

They found the fifth girl right after the snow melted...
Title: The Opposite of Amber
Author: Gillian Philip
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Star Rating: ****
Word Rating: a good-good book
Keywords: sisters, murder, love, mystery, life
Adult Content: adult subject and sex scenes

Ruby has always been with Jinn, as sisters and best friends. Jinn is bright and beautiful, and doing everything she can to care for Ruby. Ruby is quiet and pensive, her sister an essential part of her life. But then Nathan Baird turns up, Nathan who disappeared mysteriously, Nathan who was in prison, Nathan who charms and loves Jinn. Jinn changes. She has someone else now. Ruby must find a new life. And in the midst of it all, someone is prowling the streets, watching them...

I really loved this book. It was laugh-out-loud funny and sob-out-loud sad, and had everything in between. Ruby, the narrator, is endearing and funny and easy to relate to - I honestly felt like she was my best friend and I'd known her for years. I read 'The Opposite of Amber' in one day flat because I was so involved in what Ruby was showing me. This is a true story of growing up and finding one's place in the world, and it deals with today's issues in a deft and confident way, often finding humour in the most unlikely places. Unlike what the title may suggest, I think that 'The Opposite of Amber' is a real gem, and a must-read for everyone.
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